A simple tale about a guy who finds himself in a bush with no knowledge of his past or the facts behind his life that lead him to his current situation. Join in the journey as he attempts to discover himself and possibly the events that surround his mysterious appearance in the bush.

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Hey there Brian. I just wanted to say I enjoy listening to you on extraLife. You’re a funny guy and I just did a clean install on my pc and thought to myself “hey, I should go check out guy in a bush”. Well, I’m not much into comic stuff but try to stay open so between you and the other 2 goofs on extralife, I may find myself open to some new types of humour. Again, good job and we’ll see ya.

Hey thanks! I didn’t even see comments in here untli I just got an email. Thanks Kody and Alex I appreciate the kind words. It makes it all worth it.

Hey Brian. Is there a way to receive the comic via RSS or similar? I can only see RSS-feeds for the comments.

By the way: Great comic! Love it!

Your wish is my command. You will notice the orange RSS feed icon in the menu section now above the comic.

Hey Brian,
Really enjoy your work, discovered you over on FilmSack. Wanted to share a funny connection between episodes of Waterworld and The Running Man involving Will 🙂 Not sure if I should post here, so just looking for the best way to share that with you. Thanks!

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