Guy In A Bush – Remastered

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Imagine This Guest Strip

Imagine This
by Lucas Turnbloom then you really should do yourself a favor and start.

Recently Lucas has had a run of bad luck and put out a call to his fellow cartoonists to pitch in with some guest strips. So here is my entry. No apologies.

Guest SeanMclean

My good friend and talented comic creator Sean McLean ( sent in this Guy In A Bush guest strip to get me off my lazy butt. It worked. Expect a new comic from me next Monday.

Promised Not Kept

It happens.

Guest/Combo Strip

“Hey!! What the crap is this crap?!”

Well it’s no Guy In A Bush but it is a comic collaboration of mine and Scott Johnson. Scott asked me if I wanted to play on his new site Shmerp where we each draw a 3 panels of a 6 panel comic taking turns every other day. One more panel to go for Scott and it is complete. I’ll post the final panel when Scott gets it posted.

All of my drawings are on the left hand column and Scott’s are on the right. Enjoy.

New Guy In A Bush this week.

Brian D.

Cold Day

Mom’s are great this time of year. Appreciate them while you have them.


It’s Getting Cold In Here

Hope everybody had a great thanksgiving day even if you don’t live in the U.S.

Personally I froze my butt off. Which didn’t take long. I’m kinda flat back there.


Just goes to show if you are upside down long enough you’ll start to get delusional.

To New Adventures

I drew that last panel standing on my head. I’m quite talented.

The Hole

I’ve been excited about doing this story…and so it begins.