Guilt Will Find You

I apologize to all the cat lovers out there.

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Never apologize to cat lovers. Funny does not need to apologize. My favorite one yet! Cats really always land on their feet.

Cat lover here. And I just have to say, Brian, that I’m appalled at how good this comic is. That’s as close to bashing as you’re going to get from me. Now if you toss a Lab I might get into bashing mode, but you have to have a strong back to do that so I don’t see it happening. My Lab would just think you were playing anyway.

By the way, what is Guy In a Bush going to do if it snows? I think I’m starting to envy his life, so I’m just curious.

Short story: We were sound asleep in bed. I rolled over on my cat, he wakes up pissed, attacking me in my sleep, I wake up swinging with the cat coming after me and my wife screaming. Ended up…. throwing the cat

that’s more like it…and by the way CW….I love that story.

@Stephen I wouldn’t be surprised if he encounters just that situation as we get closer to Winter here in the US.

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