Cold Day

Mom’s are great this time of year. Appreciate them while you have them.


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@wit (Pinkerton Park) I just took an old Pinkerton comic and added sugar and I ended up with that.

I debated for 20 minutes on whether to use “Him’s” or “Em’s” in the comic for the child talk. You just answered my question. And one of the reasons I hate writing phonically in comics. πŸ™‚

@Stephen Sorry to hear that. I’ve lost all of my grandparents and have had a few close calls with my mom and my stepdad in the past few years. Really makes you think. Glad I made you laugh out loud. I wish I could be there everytime someone laughed out loud at my comic. Such satisfaction it would give.

@Lord Ebo You are the reason I want to stick my head in an oven. Next time we go to Dragon Con you are going to have to shack up with 2 Spanish speaking cartoonists….no wait…you already did that.

oh golly gosh i did. were you there for the “American” vs. “United Statian” discussion? or the “Mexican Spanish” vs. “Colombian Spanish” one?

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