Guest SeanMclean

My good friend and talented comic creator Sean McLean ( sent in this Guy In A Bush guest strip to get me off my lazy butt. It worked. Expect a new comic from me next Monday.

11 replies on “Guest SeanMclean”

Holy cow on a stick! MONTHS of checking this comic every few days is now being proved completely worthwhile!
Get crackin’ B-Man. Someone with your talent for the funny should be neglecting all other responsibilities in order to churn out comics for random Brits like me! ^_^
So excited!

Yay! more Guyana Bush err.. I mean Guy in a Bush. Mmmmm…. I’m gonna google “guyana bush” and see what I get. Cheers Brian.

This comic, or lack there of, is starting to become a semi Andy Kaufman act of sorts. I dig it. Cheers Brian.

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